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    The Garden of Eden is an electrifying, soul touching, and effortlessly authentic rock band.   From blues to funk, and psychedelic to hard rock, the Garden of Eden puts a unique twist on the sound and songwriting in rock music under one consistent umbrella.  

     The quintet was founded by singer/ songwriter, Scotty Chapman in 2021, after recruiting the most talented musicians he could find to form a captivating musical act.  With his Indiana hometown mate, Jeff Lageveen on drums, the two landed Prince Parker on lead guitar, Jacob Emron on bass and New York vocalist, Toni June on vocals.  The band is based in Nashville, TN performing a strong list of weekly residency shows at local music venues including the newly opened Electric Jane.  The band also travels midwest America to perform and has played in cities including: Knoxville, Asheville, Louisville, St Louis, Memphis, Atlanta, Denver, Tampa and more. 

     The band continues to perform for audiences through each show, growing their fanbase to greater numbers.  The Garden is also currently working on debut recordings with top Nashville producer, Kent Wells and looks forward to sharing a debut release.

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“Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” - Led Zeppelin cover,  live in Nashville
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